Friday, May 27, 2011

Hell in a handbag

I'm feeling both overwhelmed and depressed about the current state of women's rights in politics. Rachel Maddow explains it much better than I can. I've been doing as much local protesting and organizing as I can, but honestly, I'm currently feeling defeated. That no matter how hard I hold on, my rights as a woman and as a future medical provider are slipping from my hand. But I can't stop fighting. It is a lot easier to continue to hold on than it is to try to get rights back once they have been taken from us. Plus, I can't turn my back on my grandmothers and future daughters/granddaughters. The generation before us fought so hard in the first place to make ab. The generation below us, growing up without comprehensive sex ed, will inherit the mess we leave them with. It is our responsibility to guard the present, to ensure American women the right to safe and legal abortions.

It is also our responsibility to make sure that future providers (myself included) continue to get the training necessary to ensure access. The US house of representatives is currently trying to put make training even more difficult than it already is. They passed a bill on Wednesday, the Foxx amendment, to ban teaching of abortion in federally funded residency programs. Since all residency programs are federally funded, this basically means even less training will exist. Keep in mind that the list of programs that teach abortion training is already very short. My point is that you should call your senator. Or write them. Or both. Tell your friends too. Please, I beg you, do your part to make sure that the Fox amendment dies in the house. I don't want to be a doctor that has to sit ideally by watching my patients die from botched abortions simply because the US government put too many hurdles in the way of my training.

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