Sunday, April 24, 2011

The flip side

Since last posting I've moved apartments, progressed to a 3rd year medical student, and gained a year on my age. I surpassed Step 1 and now am just praying that I passed as I patiently wait for my score. I've also passively watched as state governments have chipped away more and more on abortion access. It seems that as I get closer to my role of a comprehensive reproductive health care provider, reproductive health care becomes more and more restricted.

This week [after passover ends] I'll be in 2 different states: flying to one state for a national leadership retreat and then to another to present a poster of my summer research. When I return, next Tuesday, I begin my clinical rotations!!! So I have until next Tuesday to learn how to keep my [very] liberal views to myself as I gain on the job training from superiors...

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