Tuesday, September 28, 2010

saying no

One of my biggest challenges is saying "no" to things, especially to things that I sincerely want to do. Last week I was accepted into a scholars program focused on a topic that is my favorite to learn about. It is a program that I was rejected from last year, making this year's acceptance that much more exciting. The course includes 20 weeks of weekly online learning, small group sessions, and a final project. I had until today to make a decision about whether to participate in the program.... and after much strife about it, I decided to say no.

I'm super bummed. I really wish I had the time and energy to participate. If I had known I would be accepted this year, I would have not taken on other commitments.... commitments I am very much already committed to. At the end of the day, school needs to be my #1 priority along with staying sane and setting myself up to get into a good residency.

Saying "no" is an art. An art that I very much suck at. However, I also realize that if i want to succeed at what I am already doing, I need to say "no" in order to stay focused. There are hundreds of good options and potential activities to engage in but part of growing up is realizing that I simply don't have time to do everything I want to do; especially if I want to do these things well.

So here is to learning to say "no", to being at peace with these decisions, and to trusting that an occasional "no" (to maintain sanity) will not completely obstruct my personal development or cause my world to implode.

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